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Black Border Doormat - Vinyl Backed


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This regular size doormat comes in a classic black border design. Made from coir with a pvc backing, the black border is printed onto the natural coir fibres.

Coir is natural coco fibres which have excellent scraping properties and high moisture absorption. Tough, durable and well-made, these doormats will add the perfect decor touch to your entrance while also being superbly practical. The fade resistant colour dyes into the coir fibres for a longlasting finish.

Measures approx 70cm long by 45cm wide and approx 1.5-2cm deep. Also available in Large and Long sizes.

*To ensure best performance and longlasting beauty of your door mat, please make sure that it does not get excessively wet and be aware that cats and birds scratching the door mat will damage it and lead to excessive shedding. If your mat does get soaked, hang it out to dry before continuing to use it.