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Stripey Cats Doormat - Regular

Stripey Cats Doormat - Regular


Two very content looking cats feature on this gorgeous doormat highlighted against a grey striped background. Are they guarding the entrance to your home or just looking for a bit of affection from visitors?

Our coir doormats are thick and, made from natural coco fibres, have excellent scraping properties. Tough, durable and well-made, these doormats will add the perfect decor touch to your entrance while also being superbly practical. The colour dye penetrates deep into the coir fibres for a longlasting finish and years of enjoyment.

Measures 75cm long by 45cm wide and 4cm deep.

*To ensure best performance and longlasting beauty of your door mat, please make sure that it does not get excessively wet, let it dry quickly after being wet, and be aware that cats and birds scratching the door mat can damage it and lead to excessive shedding.